Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The day i got lost in the crowd

We were walking down the road....wait let me give you a fresh start.Its 1942 the days of the world war,depressing days half my family is gone to fight but i thank God that my father is still here with us safe.

Almost everyday our country gets bombed its like a routine....i wish it was all ok but sadly its not and we all have to survive.

Back to the beggining we were walking when there was very loud whistle and a a big BANG! i turned around and saw it...distruction,fire and people screaming,children crying and so many dead bodies.It made me sick and i was in shock.

I hated this and i wanted peace in this world,before the world war 2 i was happy,my family was happy.These days daddy cant go to work and me and mybrother cant go to school.Daddy had a good job and it payed good money and these days we cant get proper food because daddy can work.

Then i got the feeling someone was trying to bring me back to my senses so i looked and saw daddy trying to tell me something but i couldnt understand so daddy just grabbed my hand tight and started to run.We had to get to cover,which was a basesment of a bank near by.Since we werent warned for the attack everyone was running and no one was organised well obviously nobody wants to die.

As me and daddy were runnng i could see mommy and adam(my little brother) running a little ahead of us.

Then it happened my hand was getting sweaty and my grip on daddys hand was getting loose and we let go.The moment that happened daddy stopped and told me to run.He was going to grab my hand again but then the crowd parted us....daddy was taken away from me and i was all alone standing in the middle of a war zone.

Then the whistling started again and then the same BANG! The second bomb had exploded which meant that the bad people will come and attack us personally.

I had to move but instead i started crying and screaming: "DADDY!!DADDY COME BACK!!"

Then after a little while the planes had landed and they were coming.....i had to move quick but i couldnt and then someone tappend me on my shoulder and i turned and saw a man he asked me whats wrong and i couldnt say anyhting so he picked me up and took me to the bank basement.

I met my parent there and  daddy wasnt there yet i was scared for him.Then hours later he came and we were happy because all was safe.

i hope you guys liked it

Friday, 9 November 2012

Ok guys the thing is if i write poems they dont exactly rhyme so dont mind.

Broken Heart

The pain you caused never healed.

The smile you gave left me agahst

The love you gave me was a lie

And now my heart is broken.

 I laughed

I suffered while you enjoyed 

And now you have left me with a broken heart.

You were my friend you were my confidiant

You said i could count on you

So why werent you here when i needed you?

But the truth is you dont deserve me

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Hi everyone my name is Alaine Darcie Logan.I am a student and i love to write,read.and watch shows.My favourite subkect is English and History.Before i start to write stuff on my blog i want to give an intoroduction.
So as i said  i like reading books and  my favourite are Hunger Games,Harry Potter(all parts),little woman,jane eyre.

I love to watch sidcoms like scrubs,friends,according to jim,my wife and kids and last but not least eight simple rules.

So my favourite singers are many but my idol is Justin Beiber.I like others to like Linkin park,coldplay,boys like girls and many others.

So thats all for now and i will start writing something when i get time so bye!!